Thursday, August 5, 2010

So much to learn, So little time!

Can you believe it is almost the weekend again? Where did this week go? I have barely had time to download the photos I took last weekend and a new weekend is almost upon me! This week I have been uploading all my old photos to Sugar Sync. The interface is good, however it is taking FOREVER! And a little bittersweet too! I have discovered that I have no idea where all my Hawaii photos are or all the photos I scanned of my Dad after he passed on. (That is really bad!)

This weekends “Plan" (which I hesitate to make in case it goes awry) is crabbing in the Straight of Georgia and then on to Granville Island. I will have to get separated from Scott and Ken though, so I can take the photos I want. Katherine will understand when I suddenly stop and veer off down an alley to take pictures, which I think is a wonderful trait in a friend! (Katherine owns her own website creation company, so she understands the need for content) I will ask her if I can post her website here rather than just taking the liberty of doing so.

Next week I should be able to post more photos. Katherine offered me some time this weekend to show me some tricks in Photoshop and I believe I have found the website creation company I will be using. (Not Katherine...I cannot afford her yet! lol Thankfully the friendship is free) There are so many out there that it is really hard to decide. More reading, studying and of course more picture taking! So much to do, so little time!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! More photos soon!

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