Monday, June 13, 2011

I've been a bad bad blogger!

Riddle me this can I be called a blogger when I do not blog? I should at least try to do it once a week right? My list of excuses are long: two family shoots, I restored a huge oak wine barrel that now graces my front door (its the only place it can sit outside to truly dry properly before I make a bar table out of it) I have almost finished the restoration of another antique chair, oiled my teak patio set, hiked several times, gone to yoga, watched hockey with the ladies...see!! I'm no slacker I can assure you! 
Anyways...enough about me. Check this little dude out! He is so curious with the most beautiful eyes! I had to share a storyboard I made. Lets hope this blog template works for it. (Ohhh....I'm changing my blog page again soon. This one was built for photos and handles them HORRIBLY! Plus the developer never returns emails so boooooo! Bad press for you Sir!) Two seven. I have no finger nails left.

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