Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thank God for the internet

So in fear of sounding like "Poor Me Polly" as a disgruntled family member has recently pointed out, I will refrain from elaborating on the S__t-Storm of a week this has been. Instead I went in search of something to make me happy. I helped a friend with some camera knowledge...always a favorite topic of mine (I'm an even bigger nerd then any of you ever suspected!). I laughed with my kids because they are really very funny people with a lot to offer and.....I found this blog. Honestly if you are a dog owner this will resonate with dog is not "Helper Dog" or "Simple Dog" he is ALPHA DOG....that pees himself when I walk towards him and will either flip and show his belly or look left then right in fast motion hoping someone will save him from inevitable eye-gunge wipe...I am convinced that when I bought Axle (who answers to A--hole btw) that I got a two for one deal without even asking. There are two dogs in that body and one is quite strange!

I hope you laugh as hard as I did at this blog

"Poor Me Polly" signing out!

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  1. It's like you yourself wrote the article.