Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Trolls under the bridge

Two days until spring break and we are in the middle of another wind and rain storm. I'm not opposed to keeps the Lower Mainland beautiful. If you do not believe me, go to Edmonton for the weekend and then fly home landing in Abbotsford. As the plane banks over the Fraser River and the sun glistens off the water there is no place on earth more beautiful than home. (you must go to Edmonton for a few days though...that seems to be key! It does not work returning from Hawaii, just sayin') Every year I hear people say: British Colombians pay more taxes because of the amount of sun we receive. I think I will call our MLA tomorrow.

I need the sun. I need to take pictures.

So to get away from the rain we shot these under a bridge. And while they are great kids...the fact we were under a bridge feeds my underbelly and allows me to linger on the fact that they are trolls!! Muwahahaha! If one them would have had a ring and muttered "My Precious" I likely would have clapped my hands in glee! THATS what the lack of sun has done to me! Time for a

Sun....please come out and play.

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