Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two whole hours of sun!

You may have ascertained from my recent whining that I am missing the sun. When you think about it, that in itself is quite odd because of my European background. (aka: white skin that colors to a bright shade of red). There was ONE year that I tanned like an olive skinned lucky pants. The rest of my life has been counting the amount of freckles I collected that day. So since Mother Nature has not cooperated overly well this spring I went looking for some sunshine. I found them on my external hard drive. Cari is a natural beauty and one of those people that when the sun strikes them, they glow. So who better to share with you.
Enjoy your day, live it the fullest. May your family be safe in our uncertain world.

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  1. Nothing more attractive then a beautiful woman with child. And you have truly have featured that.