Sunday, April 10, 2011

What I've been forced to resort to

On a normal day our powder room experiences approximately 10 visits. My house full of boys is generally quite good, but last week the neighbor took out the trees that separate their property from ours. These trees were long referred to by the denizens of the garage as the urinal. (True story..and I really hope I am not the only woman who has trees on her property that she will NOT go near.) Since the trees have been taken out I now have a much larger volume in my powder room. At first I thought this was a great thing. Then I realized some people SHOULD pee outside. I came up with this bowl on the back of the toilet.

We had a dinner party recently and this bowl was a great source of laughter. The ladies loved it and a lively discussion of our boys ensued. The men were even funnier. Some quotes from the evening which had us in stitches were: "I accidentally dropped a cheerio beside the toilet so you might want to wash the floor again", "I threw a bunch of cheerios in the bowl and it was like shooting fish in a barrel", and my favorite that almost made ME pee on the floor (in the kitchen none the less..) "I dropped a bunch of cheerios in and played Battleship" I handed him the air freshener and asked him to go clear the battle field of torpedo smoke! Every bathroom should be as fun as mine. I had to fill the cheerios up in the morning!

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