Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The State of the Nation

Did anyone watch the debate this evening? (Holy Bickersons!) I felt the need to find a quote on bickering to go with the picture I took yesterday. I'm certain this isn't the best quote for what I had originally gone in search of but I really liked it none the less. It reminded instead of my endeavors this past year. It was pretty nerve wreaking to set out in a completely different direction. My friends and family supported me by never telling me I could not do it and for that I love and respect them. My main motto is to never steal a dream. If the only way you know how to lift someone up is by not bringing them down; then you are wiser than most! So here is the quote for the evening: I went looking for something witty to mock the bickering I witnessed tonight (supported by my shredded flag picture) and instead I was reminded of how much I love my friends and family for the support they have given me.

 "Small men and small thoughts come from small dreams. A man is as big as his dreams are. There are always those who scoff and bicker and cower...but if you want to make big tracks on the land, you got to step out and start walking".

(See! It has BICKER in the quote so all is not lost!) btw I have no idea who the author of this is, but thank you unknown!


  1. Simply wonderful Jodi! Thanks for sharing your pics with us...each one certainly does tell a story.

  2. Thanks Tammy! I go through life with my head in the clouds looking for connections and the meaning of things. Sometimes if we listen things just talk to us! I love your blog btw! Very nice! (for anyone reading: http://atiyanna.blogspot.com/) is Tammy's blog on clean living, clean thinking! Who doesn't need that!?!?