Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Modern Day Brady Bunch!

A family truly blended. A family brought together by the love of two people. When I first met Miss C and Mr S, they had a baby on board and she graciously spent hours with me while I built my portfolio. Since; I have been blessed to be the person they call to capture their marvelous family moments. Each child they have brought together has a very unique personality and when together they created a fantastic atmosphere, even though I was the last person they wanted around! (And to think that I came seconds away from cancelling due to a very sour stomach and nasty headache). So two Advil's and a lot of laughter later, my headache was gone. I wish all families were this happy! My mom has a sign in her house that reads: "Now far as everyone knows we are a happy normal family" 

This crew is the real deal!  

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