Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Mommy took me to the Fair

The Chilliwack Fair. Like all fairs' there is something for everyone. Candied Apples on the Midway, the rides, the animals...the smells (Good and Bad). I learned a lot about my mother at the Fair. Like apparently she wants two goats for her backyard. I told her when I won the lottery I would build her a house on the same property as me and she could have a goat. "No...lots of goats" she said. I told her how destructive they were and she said "That's fine...I planned on keeping them in the house anyways". Umm so now I know that the elevator doesn't reach the top floor. I have to rethink the whole lottery/goat buying promise. I think I'll get her a lamb. They are way cuter with a much lower "crazy" level. 

It was a real treat to watch the rodeo. Whatever people think about it, good or bad it brought back so many good memories of living in Calgary and going to the Stampede. If you have not made it to Calgary for that event you should put it on your bucket list. Or as the cowgirls might say: The Barrel in the barrel races!    


  1. Great pics Jodi!

  2. thanks Amanda! I forgot how much fun the Fair was! I want to go to the Stampede next year. Definately on my list. See family and the stampede. Woot!