Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Plans

I learned a few things this weekend. (Learning is key to life!) Lesson One: 36 degrees and Jodi do not mix well especially when you add pollution. Lesson Two: Canon Lenses can be thrown by a toddler, hit cobblestone and come away unharmed. Lesson Three: Never leave your camera bag unattended while around toddlers. Lesson Four: If your day turns on you, and your plans are stomped out....explore for something new. The following photos are of my exploration into downtown Chilliwack. "Wellington Emporium". If you have a few minutes to poke your head in the door you will find a world unlike anything this small town has seen before. Movie Props, Memorabilia, Antiques, fun staff...there is something unexpected tucked into every nook and cranny. The proprietor was kind enough to let me walk around and take pictures at will, although I determined he is a little camera shy. Several of his staff members were not though and I imagine with some prompting there could be a lot of great shots taken in this shop of wonders. Enjoy the photos, enjoy your day! EXPLORE!

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