Friday, August 13, 2010

What a great photoshoot last night!

So I am trying to get a portfolio together with work from my new camera. I have a ton of photos that I love but once they are enlarged even just a tiny bit they are complete crap...point and shoot cameras are good for one thing only....outings with friends and family where food or drink may ruin your good camera! Last night I worked with a pregnant lady who is so stunning that she would make a Sony point and shoot look good. I have not had time to process any of these shots but they are some of my favorites to date. This weekend I have two more assignments set out for myself. I can hardly wait to post a website to showcase my work...I hope you love the photos I include and tell your friends! With this Liberal government running our province into the ground this starving girl would appreciate the referrals! Below I have posted a photo I really like. It was taken on the crappiest point and shoot ever, under low lighting conditions at high speed....but I love the feel of it. Except for the loss of pixels when enlarged...I would not change a thing about this picture or that day. We were returning from a day at Eagle Falls on Harrison Lake with some very good friends. If you ever have a chance to get up the lake to Eagle Falls it is well worth it. Anyways…I have a lot of computer work this weekend and more photos to take so I will likely not post. I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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