Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I spy with my little eye

A team that's moving on!

My curse has been lifted...I actually watched (abeit out of the corner of my eye) a full Vancouver Canucks game in which they emerged the victor! Why did I take the chance with so much riding on this game you ask? Its the part of me that believes in elves and pixies. For real! They are mischievous creatures that just cannot help themselves. It must be the Irish in me. (Although...and this is a story for another day; we might be from the Orkney Islands). So perhaps that would make my behavior a bit more like that of a Selkie although that's not right either. Maybe a Trow? Who knows...its late and time for bed.
Here is a final picture for the evening of my one of my beautiful nieces. Sweet dreams my friends, thanks for joining me today.

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